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How To Write An Article - For More Affiliate Commissions

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

You may have heard that content and articles are a great way to pre-sell products. You

warm up the reader to the idea of the product, they click through to the sales page and

BINGO! You earn a commission.

Earning affiliate commissions can really work that way, but it works much better if you

have a good solid plan for your affiliate articles. And that plan should include carefully

choosing topics, providing the right information in your articles and effectively engaging

the reader’s interest in the product you are promoting. Here are easy 3 steps on how to write a article for more affiliate commissions.

Step 1: Choose Your Topics

Take some to make a list of topics you could write for each product you want to promote.

Making your list is fairly simple. All you need to do is make a list of problems that the

product you’re selling actually solves and you’re well on your way.

For example, as an affiliate for wix.com, here are some problems our

product solves:

1. Makes website creation dead easy for start-ups

2. Has a full suite of basic and advanced SEO tools

3. Provides a highly effective platform for blogging, including a free blogging app for your members!

Step 2: Put Your Information Together

Your topic will obviously guide you in what type of information you’ll provide. To make

it easier to come up with ideas, try writing simple articles like:

“Top 5 Ways To Monetise Your Wix Website”

“12 Steps to Setting Up Your Wix Website”

“6 Important Things To Consider When Choosing Your Wix Plan”

These type of articles allow you to keep your articles simple with just an introductory and

concluding paragraph with some informative bullets in between.

But what’s important to your articles is what you DON’T say. In your content, you want

to give as much information that will help readers gain a good understanding of their

problem and a part of the solution (the actual solution should be the product you are

trying to sell).

Remember, as an affiliate you are not selling the product, you are promoting it... it sounds like a fine line and it is but the key difference is that as an affiliate our role is to arouse genuine interest in our vendor's product, once the customer clicks through to the vendor's site, it's the vendors role to sell the product. That's awesome for us as affiliates because the hard part of selling and converting is done for us! After all, the vendor knows their product best so leave that to them.

Step 3: Link to the Product

The most effective links and recommendations will come within the context of your

article. You can introduce the product at an appropriate place within your article and tell

your readers to “Click here to learn more about this time-saving product,” for example.

Or “This is the all-in-one [insert type of product] that I most recommend.”

Follow it up with an extra recommendation at the end of your article. Try a bold

subheadline that says “Recommended for Further Study,” or “Recommended Tools”

or whatever happens to be appropriate for the product that you’re linking with. Then list

the product or product(s) you’re recommending.

WARNING: Keep it simple. Don’t give your readers too many links and choices or

they’ll have trouble deciding what they do. Recommend only one or two products per


If you’re publishing the article on your own site…there are no rules and choosing to link

within the article and at the end is often a beneficial choice. However, if you’re

submitting your article to a directory or another site, they may have rules about

submission. They may not allow links within the article, but be sure to take advantage of

the link or links you’re allowed to include in your byline that comes at the end of the


Final Thoughts

Put yourself into the minds of the target product’s customer. Imagine their problems,

their desires and goals. Help them with those things by giving good information and

recommending relevant products and you’ll be well on the way to earning nice

commissions with articles.

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