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How To Supercharge Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts with Auto-Responders

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

G'day Cyberfunders! Here is a quick post on the best autoresponders for affiliate marketing (or any online marketing) and why they are critical to your success. Autoresponders are email management systems that allow you to pre-schedule emails that go out to your subscribers on a regular basis. This means that all your subscribers will eventually receive all the same promos and information, so you don’t need to worry that someone will be missing out on anything.

Clickfunnels' founder Russell Brunson and many other top online marketers will tell you that the email list is the single greatest asset you can hold. Why? Think about it, your email list is the ONLY asset online that's truly yours to keep and control. Currently using only SEO or social media to get your links or products out there? What if (as has happened countless time before) Google or Youtube or Facebook decide to change their algorithms and suddenly you've dropped to page 10 in the rankings or you are struggling to get views on your killer Youtube channel?

Believe me it's happened before to many and will continue to happen. Don't rely on it! But, if you have done the basics from the start and captured your most important asset, your customers, along the way, you'll have a safety net should things go South. More than that though, it's is a statistical fact that your email list is the highest converting marketing avenue you will ever have. Without having a way to capture your customers as they come through your cyber doors, you'll be forever replying on driving traffic to your site or blog. You can find out more in Russell's book - Traffic Secrets. [update 7 Aug 20 - "Traffic Secrets" just became a New York Times BEST SELLER]

An autoresponder will give you the ability to invite your visitors to join your email list and will also provide follow up emails once they subscribe.

As an affiliate, you want to make sure that you do the following with your autoresponders:

  1. Load your autoresponder with the solo email promos provided by the vendor for which your are promoting. Many will offer promo email series for you. Make sure to include the first email and the follow-up a few days later. Go through the messages to inject your own personality and point of view, so it matches your audience.

  2. Add a number of articles and spread them out over time in your auto responder.

  3. Offer your readers a special offer on certain products. Offering value in your links is the best way to stand out from the crowd. You don't want to be fighting for top position with the cheapest products, you want to instead offer more value. A free eBook, a bundle of your best blog posts as a newsletter, do some research on what top internet experts are saying about the product or niche and put your results into a free report to offer. This is to greatest way to stand out from the rest of the crowd trying to get their affiliate links out there.

  4. Post the blog posts to your blog and then write up quick autoresponder messages linking to the posts.

  5. Don’t go totally automated. For short-term or seasonal promos, send out broadcasts, so your readers don’t miss out.

Other tips:

Spread your emails out over periods near the beginning of your series (maybe every three days) and then you can slow the schedule down until about once per week. This means a larger number of your subscribers will see your offers as the number that will unsubscribe over time. There’s nothing you can do about this…it’s just the way it works. Most people will not stay on your list forever, so make the most of things while they are on your list.

Regularly review your autoresponders to ensure everything is up-to-date and insert more evergreen promos. Many affiliate product vendors will offer great promo materials including evergreen video's and email series to use in your marketing.

Which Autoresponder Should You Choose?

There are lots out there. If you use Wix as your website platform you'll be able to use the Ascend email features built into the premium plans which is a great way to simplify the process. If you don't use Wix there there are lots of other great options but be ware there are some that are NOT affiliate friendly. Some will frown on affiliate links in your emails, others will be unreliable when it comes to getting your emails out there consistently and others will be cheap but simply will not offer the level of features you need to be success as an affiliate. You don't want to waste your money there! Here are a few of the most recommended autoresponders out there specifically for affiliates:

1. Wix - As mentioned, Wix provides autoresponder capability right inside the platform. You'll get the basic Ascend plan with a premium Wix plan. This will allow you to set up 2 automation's (subscriber capture or any other email/contact capture function) and will also allow you to set up your G Suite account and email directly within the Wix Dashboard) If you want higher functionality you simply upgrade your Ascend plan through the Dashboard.

2. GetResponse - Is a great autoresponder for Affiliates. You'll get all the functionality you need at reasonable pricing and provided you follow the terms of use, you'll be able to promote your affiliate links in there too. You'll also be able to build Landing Pages, Sales Funnels and set up Ad campaigns with their Social Ad Creator. You'll be able to get started for around $15p/m.

3. AWeber - one of the best email automation platforms available. Emails campaigns, landing pages, pre-built analytics, a smooth flow user interface and automatic tagging are some of the features. AWeber is a favorite in the autoresponder arena and a big plus is their reliability in email delivery. AWeber starts at around $19p/m for up to 500 subscribers.

4. ConvertKit - ConvertKit is one of the most feature rich autoresponders out there and the best part is they offer a FREE sign-up to test it all out which will allow you up to 1000 subscribers!

We'll be putting out a post soon going into a lot more detail on these products so be sure to subscribe so you don't miss it! Subscribe HERE

Thanks for reading! I hope this gets you some helpful tips on why and how to use autoresponders in your affiliate endeavors. Check out the Affiliate Marketing Blog Home for more!

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