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The 3 Online "Marketing Mistakes" All Newbies MUST Avoid!

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Making mistakes is part and parcel of life and business. However, some can have a bigger impact on your goals than others and it's best to consider them carefully and continuously reflect on whether or not they are creeping into your journey.

In this article, we’ll look at 3 common marketing mistakes that thousands of newbie marketers make without realizing that they’re sabotaging their chances of success. Take some time out after reading through these mistakes to do some self-reflection. It will serve you well and you’ll know how to proceed with your business.

Lack of passion

One of the biggest online marketing mistakes most newbies make is to assume that online marketing is easy. This false assumption trips them up when they realize just how much work is required to make an online business work.

All too often we see ‘make money online’ guides promising easy profits with just 2 hours of work a week. There are images of flashy cars, sprawling mansions and a lifestyle by the beach where all you do is sip Mojito's and watch your PayPal account flood with cash.

The reality though is quite the opposite. You’ll need to spend a lot of time tweaking and testing and setting up the required funnels, pages, ads, etc. to get your business off the ground.

If you lack passion for online marketing, you’ll quit at the drop of a hat when the going gets tough… and it always does. Getting started is just the beginning. You need to go through the ‘hard yards’ till you reach a place where your income is stable and passive. Now and only now, will you start to have the freedom to live life the way you want to. Always remember that being persistent will help you get it and being consistent will help you keep it.

So, ask yourself what marketing online means to you. Why do you wish to do it? What are your reasons? If it’s all about having an easy lifestyle where you’ll not need to work, chances are you’ll probably fail. It may seem harsh… but it’s the truth. Your goals need to be bigger than an easy lifestyle. Figure out your ‘why’ and you’ll stay the course even when progress is slow and uncertain.

Lack of Repetition

Don't Stop Building The Foundation!

Repetition is the mother of skill. It doesn’t matter if you’re a writer or a graphic designer or you have an e-commerce store. You absolutely need to keep doing what you’re doing so that you get good at it. Like a bricklayer, the task is not complete until every brick is down, to stop half way through would be to make everything he did beforehand a waste of time and effort. It's critical to focus on the end game and keep laying the bricks until it's complete. You will have built yourself the foundation you need to reap long term rewards.

It will take time to hone your skills and discover the nuances and subtleties of whatever you’re doing. Repetition leads to experience. One good example would be paid advertising. There’s always a stage where you’ll lose some money because your ads don’t convert or you’re targeting the wrong people.

If you give up at the first sign of failure, you’ll never develop the knowledge to get good at it. The goal is to keep repeating what you’re doing and make small changes where necessary to improve your chances of success. Over time, you’ll be able to write better ads and learn which markets are worth targeting.

Most newbies quit too soon. They do not give themselves enough time to repeat and make mistakes. They fear failure, without realizing that failure is not the opposite of success but a part of success.

Following more than 1,000 failed attempts to invent a successful

T. A. Edison Electric Lamp

incandescent light bulb filament, Thomas Edison has been quoted saying "I didn't fail 1,000 times, I just found 1,000 ways it didn't work". That perspective changes everything, most see a failure as a signal to consider giving up, but if you see it as just one way that it doesn't work, then you've just increased your changes of finding all the ways it actually WILL work! Keep repeating what you do. It’s practice and it’s the cornerstone of achieving excellence in what you do.

It's a Numbers Game

Not knowing that it’s a numbers game

The Pareto principle states that roughly 80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of your efforts. That essentially means that if you have 10 websites, probably 2 will make more money than all the rest. If you publish 10 Kindle books, 1 to 3 of them might be bestsellers while the rest don’t do as well.

This is just the way it is. Most beginners just don’t do enough. They may write one Kindle book and if that doesn’t take off, they give up. Or they set up a blog and if they don’t see money coming in after 5 blog posts, they quit. They’ve barely scratched the surface but they throw in the towel.

You need to take massive action and do more. The more effort you expend, the better your results will be. So, once you establish one stream of income, scale it up so that your earnings multiply exponentially.

Once you have a stable source of income, keep it going and start working on a new income stream. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. The more you do, the more you’ll earn and the more success you’ll achieve.

Final Thoughts

These online marketing mistakes are common - you are NOT alone in your pursuit to Online Marketing success nor or you alone in your struggles. It takes consistent, focused effort. It's important to know WHY you want to build this business and never lose sight of that. When the going gets tough, it'll push you through, it'll remind you why you started and it will help you to look at the positive in your failings until success and you meet!

I hope you find some encouragement in these insights and as always, thanks for reading! For more tips, advice and encouragement in your online endeavors, make sure you subscribe so you don't miss out!

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