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Have you been spending weeks, months or maybe even years struggling to make a decent income with affiliate commissions?

Have you been putting in the hard work but you are just not getting traction?


Have you spent hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars on tools or courses only to see more going OUT than what's coming in?

You KNOW there is money to be made but

you just can't seem to breakthrough?


In fact, almost half of all affiliate marketers make less than $20,000 per year. 


But there is change in the air... With the global pandemic comes a new wave of opportunity. There has NEVER been a better opportunity than what is happening right now...


Why Is This Different?

Introducing a potential customer to the product is our role as affiliates... but, what's the biggest roadblock to a customer trying out a new product?


What if instead you can show them a product that's free to sign up... then leave the selling (and therefore COMMISSIONS) to the people that built and run the platform.

AFTER the customer has seen EXACTLY how incredible the product is...



In the last 3 months alone more than 75,000 entrepreneurs just like you and I have made the switch.

But, don't take my word for it, find out for yourself why this is causing such a stir,

[Update - 15 Sep 20]

Now over 100,000 members have just made the switch!

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Article - Affiliate Marketing 101

This article takes a step back and gives you the foundation of what Affiliate Marketing is.


Exploring ways you can be successful no matter what approach you choose.


With this knowledge you'll be able to target the methods that work best for you to make it as a successful Affiliate Marketer.

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Email Marketing - What To Write Guide

This is a FREE comprehensive course on everything you need to know about exactly WHAT to write in your emails and when 


  • 45+ Email templates and the FULL course to writing great emails. 

  • How to write every email you should be sending

  • Expert copy writing strategies to optimize your emails.

  • Homework to help you take action.

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Email Marketing How-Too Guide

Email marketing is hands down THE most successful method to promote or sell any products.


This guide is packed with GOLD nuggets on email marketing that will seriously boost your conversation rates and build long-term trust with your customers, keeping them coming back for more of what you have to offer and maximising your success along the way!

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